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Hops and nettle risotto

Here is the hops and nettle risotto, a very good first course with a delicate flavor, thanks to these wild herbs. With its colors and flavor typically spring-like, this risotto dish is ideal for those who would like to have a light and easy to cook first course.

Ingredients: 150 g of baldo rice, 1 shallot, nettles, hops, Tonnino Pinot Grigio IGP Terre Siciliane white wine, extra virgin olive oil.

Wash the nettles and the hops (if necessary you can put them in a vat with water and some baking soda, but just for a few minutes). In a pot take 1 liter of water to boil and add some salt; thereafter sear the nettles in the boiling water for 2 minutes and after that put them aside and keep the boiling water, to use it after as a broth.  

Brown the chopped shallot with some olive oil in a pan, add and toast the rice, simmer with some Tonnino Pinot Grigio IGP Terre Siciliane and keep cooking by adding the nettles boiling water little by little. When the rice is almost cooked, add the nettles and the hops.

We suggest not to add either butter or cheese, in order not to hide the delicate flavor of the wild herbs.

Drizzle with some white pepper and serve hot.