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Prawns and cherry tomatoes linguine

Delicate flavors and summery colors for this elegant recipe, easy to make and yet able to impress your guests. Since it requires very few ingredients, we suggest to use just high quality raw materials, in order to achieve the best result: the freshest prawns, the most flavorful cherry tomatoes and of course the best wine, the Tonnino Grillo IGP Terre Siciliane.

Ingredients: 650 g of prawns, a bunch of cherry tomatoes, 1 garlic clove, half onion, some tomato puree, some Tonnino Grillo IGP Terre Siciliane white wine, some extra virgin olive oil, parsley, 400 g of linguine.

Slowly fry the garlic clove (you can leave it unchopped and take it away once everything is cooked, or you can finely chop and fry it, being careful not to burn it), together with the chopped half onion for a couple of minutes; then add only 2 prawns (which you must have already cut lengthwise) to enhance the taste and simmer with some Tonnino Grillo IGP Terre Siciliane white wine; thereafter add the cherry tomatoes cut in half and let them cook together for 5 minutes; after that add the tomato puree and leave everything to cook on low heat.

As soon as the puree starts to boil, add the remaining prawns, cover with a lid and after 2 minutes stir everything. Once all the ingredients are cooked, put the prawns aside and add the linguine (which you will have cooked al dente in the mean time) to the cherry tomatoes and puree, leaving them to develop a richer flavor.

Now twirl some linguine and put them on a plate, together with some prawns; drizzle with some freshly chopped parsley and serve together with a good glass of Tonnino Grillo IGP Terre Siciliane.