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Art and culture

Inspired by the strong traditions which are connecting the Tonnino family to Sicily, by the sincere authenticity of Tonnino's wines and by the "Sicilianity" which finds in them its highest expression, the famous Sicilian artist Gaetano Porcasi glorifies his land with a series of oil painting dedicated to the harvest of the grapes.

"Wine is one of the archetypes imprinted in the genetic code of our society.

It is therfore natural to think that it influences the contemporary art both in a conscious and inconscious way.

It is for this reason and due to the deep love that connects me to Sicily and to the agricultural world that I wanted to realize a series of oil paintings, aiming to praise the harvest of the grapes and the Tonnino wine, a true work of art resulting by the synergy between the Sun and Sicily".

Gaetano Porcasi

For further information on these and other works of art, please click on the following link: Gaetano Porcasi.